• Honduras, the Mayan country in the Caribbean!
  • Triunfo de la Cruz village - natives Garifuna -
  • SAFE and friendly neighbourhood in Tela bay,
  • 10 minutes from downtown Tela Central Park!
  • Located in a remote beach and primitive surroundings,
  • Right on the white sand beach, 30 yards from the water,
  • Rustic Cabins built around tropical garden,
  • Each Cabin with 2 double beds,cable TV, FREE wi-fi,
  • Private bathroom, hot water shower, ammenities,








15.814128 N -87.409596 W


Sun, Sand and Fun experience

high or low impact, it is your choice!

Lots of things to do, places to go and

wonderful people to meet!

  • Build your castle,
  • Stroll the beach,
  • Challenge the waves,
  • Just enjoy the breeze,
  • Play beach volley ball,
  • Rent a Tuc Tuc Tour,
  • Pick a cooking lesson,
  • Take hammock treatment,
  • Ride a bike, discover the world!
  • Go fishing in a native paddle boat,
  • Dive to a treasure,
  • Enjoy the hot waters,
  • Learn to speak Garifuna,
  • Rent a kayak to monkey land!
  • Visit Lancetilla botanical garden

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